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Initial Consultation 

This service includes student personality evaluation; review of transcript and extracurricular activities; discussing standardized testing or preparation plans; recommendations for school courses, extracurricular activities, community service, and summer or enrichment activities; NCAA/NAIA registration for student-athletes if not already done so; and portfolio or audition preparation information for art and music students. 

For freshmen and sophomores, this service will build a strong foundation for their future college application. For juniors and seniors, it will become a compass providing clear vision while navigating through the college application process. LCC can also help students planning on taking a gap year, pursuing apprenticeships, or applying to trade/vocational schools, international colleges, community colleges, or alternative colleges.

College & Program Selection

This service is based on a minimum of 10 hours of commitment, including my personal research as well as meetings with students and parents. First, LCC objectively evaluates students by using personality tests to understand their skills, aptitude, and life values; then, LCC dives deeper into students’ interests by incorporating their academic and extracurricular activity history. LCC also discusses with students and their parents or family members to more personally understand their preferences in college location, size, religious affiliation, program strength, sports or activities, and financial aid. LCC will provide information and career projections of a certain college program throughout this process, which will typically lead to students making a decision on college majors and/or minors if not having already done so. LCC will generate an initial college selection based on this process. Then, we will communicate multiple times over a period of 3 to 6 weeks to adjust until we reach the final selection of colleges. Please expect this service to take place between the spring of the student’s junior year and no later than October of the student’s senior year. This window can be adjusted to meet students’ specific needs. 

Essay Writing

The scope of this service includes essay preparation, writing, and editing. This service involves several meetings with students accompanied by email communication and Google document sharing during the editing process. LCC will initially help students create documents organizing and answering essay prompts from the colleges they are applying to. We will brainstorm through activities and discussions with students to select an optimal topic for each essay that highlights the student’s character, capabilities, and potential. LCC assists students with the structure and organization of their essays to deliver their message clearly to college admission officers. Students will write essays in their own time, but we will undertake the grueling journey of editing together.  For early applications, essay writing spans between August and the end of October. For regular decision applications, the process covers from August to the end of December.

Application Completion

This is an extensive service requiring meticulous attention: sorting and organizing different formats of college applications (Common App, Coalition App, or a certain college-specific application system); collecting and creating a student activities chart; ranking extracurricular activities for presentation; advice on counselor and teacher recommendation letter requests; assistance with understanding and answering application questions, transcript submission instructions and supplemental material selection and submission; and most importantly, tracking the submission of multiple application materials before deadlines, which include college applications, high school transcript, supplemental materials, official standardized test scores, FAFSA and/or CSS Profile and extra scholarship application essays, and mid-year report and update in case of admission deferral. This service takes place during the first semester of the student’s senior year and can extend to early February for deferred students. 

Comprehensive Package

The comprehensive service walks students through the whole process of college admission process. It is the best package from a financial perspective and the nature of counseling, which requires mutual trust and understanding that develops over a longer period of time. LCC also gives appointment-booking priority to the comprehensive package clients. This service is designed to cover the average 50 hours overall and can extend to cover extra hours free of charge depending on the application situation. For juniors, please expect three to five meetings encompassing student skill and aptitude evaluation, test preparation, and college and program research and selection. The bulk of the service-around fifteen to seventeen meetings-will take place from August before senior year and until the end of December, covering essays, applications including supplemental materials, financial aid and scholarships, and mock interviews for students preparing for alumni interviews. For deferred students, this comprehensive package will cover the extra hours needed to complete their mid-year report and update submission. The package service can also stretch into the spring of student senior year to help with scholarship applications at no extra charge. 

Build Your Own

Adjustable pricing

Fully customizable to address everyone's specific expectations for the college application process. Please contact LCC to discuss an individualized plan.